What if Your Consumer Rights At Risk

Very few people ever get into debt with the intention that they will not pay it off. Unfortunately, life can deal us all some tricky hands, and oftentimes it is just too difficult to see this obligation through. While it may not be your fault that you are suddenly unable to pay your debt, that won’t stop the creditor harassment from coming. If you are the victim of credit harassment, it is important to know your rights under the law so you can handle the situation appropriately, snd speak with an advocate of Consumer Rights in GA .

The first step in the process is to not be intimidated by collection harassment. You have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and if you are unsure of exactly what those rights might be, you can always report the creditor to an experienced attorney. In Georgia, a leading advocate for consumer rights is the law firm of Persily & Associates Georgia Consumer Rights, like the team at http://www.persilylaw.com, who can explain those rights to you and provide the necessary methods to protect yourself. If you do not live in Georgia, Persily & Associates Atlanta Lawyers may be able to help you find a collection harassment lawyer in your state.

There are also a few simple steps that you can take yourself to ensure that your rights are protected and that creditor harassment ends.

The first step in fighting collection harassment is to make copies of all correspondence, including envelopes that show postmarks. Before you contact a consumer rights lawyer to protect creditor harassment, the more complete your records, the more likely you will be to win your case. Make sure to document all phone conversations with the company as well, and write down any potential creditor harassment that takes place during those calls. These might include threats of imprisonment or garnishment of wages, profane or obscene language, or other types of abusive behavior. An attorney can advise you on additional procedures that may be appropriate, such as keeping recordings of your conversations.

Finally, don’t let creditor harassment push you into doing something you are uncomfortable with. Some creditors will try to persuade you to pay your debt using a post dated check or automatic withdrawals from your account. Others collection agencies may try to dictate the amount of the payments and the intervals in which they must be paid. Keep in mind that you are the one who decides how much and when to pay your debts, no matter how much creditor harassment is occurring on the other end. If the payments are more than you can afford, talk to your consumer rights attorney about setting up smaller payments that will be comfortable for your budget.

Creditor harassment can sap your energy and create stress and strain in your life. The good news is that it doesn’t have to. When you know your rights and have an experienced Georgia attorney on your side, you can stop creditor harassment and go back to the task of living your life.

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Using Organic SEO Services To increase Sales and Leads

Leading lead publishers and lead generators like 123liveleads provide excellent lead brokering experiences in your business.

Who Are Lead Publishers And Lead Generators?

You can call a publisher an affiliate, seller, broker, or lead provider, who acts as a second or third-party promoter of services and products on a cost per lead (CPL) or cost per action (CPA) basis. It is only when a publisher gets approval that he or she uses tools like e-mails, display ads, forms, and text links to go ahead with the promotion task.

Lead generators make use of search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize search engine ranking results.

A lead manager for a company can be an individual or an organization helping you out with the lead management part of the business.

Why Do You Need A Lead Manager?

These are times of cut-throat competition when every company is vying to attract maximum attention toward its products and services. The Internet has brought the world closer and reaching out to a vast audience is just a matter of clicks. In such times, business leads prove to be a handy tool in approaching potential customers.

While you are busy looking into the matters of your business, you need someone to publish and generate leads for your company that can serve as a possible build-up on your business. With one hand constantly devoted to attracting customers, it will be easier for you to focus on your business and retain existing customers.

Tips For Selecting A Lead Generation Company

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When you have decided to hire a lead generation company to help you in the promotion and advertising of you company, you should run a check on all the possibilities offered by the market and then make a selection.

* The first question that arises here is whether you should outsource the job or employ an in-house person. It is best to weigh your odds here, as it is your company that will be finally affected.

* Run a check on the track record of the company you select to hire. A reputable company that has delivered good results is always to be preferred.

* Check with licensing agencies about the legitimacy of the company. An illegal or defaulter company can be a cause of embarrassment at a later stage.

* Be specific of your requirements before you make a selection. You might require only consumer leads or business leads, or both. In any case, the company you are hiring should provide the necessary services.

* Check out the techniques being employed by a company to perform its functions. They should comply with your organization’s philosophy. For example, your company may not be in favor of spam mails that a lead publisher might be using.

* It is important to be continuously in touch with the company you hire. The status of communication levels maintained by the lead publisher or generator is important to observe to come to a final decision.

* Your budget cannot be ignored. Try to evaluate whether you are getting the worth of what you are paying.

The fact cannot be ruled out that lead publishers and lead generators are becoming increasingly important for the promotion of business on the Internet. In such situations, it is necessary to employ the services of reliable and reputable organizations like 123liveleads.


Working With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators and Their Benefits

Tips of HHO conversion should be clear, not esoteric and sometimes overly complicated ones. However, the is a fact that the woking process of a HHO kit can be undestood.

Actually, with the help of good instructions more than half a million American citizens have converted their cars themselves. That’s in the space of just four years. Although HHO technology is nothing new, it is only since about 2004 that the idea has caught on. The main states for HHO conversion are Texas, Florida and California.

How HHO Conversion Works

The chemistry behind HHO conversion is quite basic. Electricity is conducted through water which comes into contact with a catalyst. The H2O is converted to HHO gas as hydrogen fizzes off from the negative terminal and oxygen bubbles off from the positive terminal. The two gasses are captured in a chamber and reform to make variations of HHO gas.

This gas replaces some of the standard gasoline or diesel being used by the vehicle. Effectively it is mixed in the carburetor. Not only is less gasoline or diesel required, but HHO burns up to five times more efficiently, meaning less overall fuel is required. The average increase in miles per gallon is around 30%, although it is possible to reach figures over 50%. That makes for massive cash savings at the filling station. All from a $150 kit that runs on water.

HHO Injection Systems

A quieter ride is also achieved, along with extended engine life. Hydroxy gas is far less wearing on the gaskets. The other thing to mention is that the only residue or emission from HHO is water, making it environmentally very sound. The IRS will also rebate two thousand dollars in tax for an installed HHO kit.

How to Build an HHO Conversion

It goes without saying that an HHO instruction manual is a prerequisite. The manual takes you through the stages of building and fixing a kit to your vehicle’s engine. Absolutely no alterations to the existing engine are necessary. If it happens that the conversion kit needs taking off or replacing, the vehicles goes back to operating exactly as it did before.

The generator is the hub of the system. It is an electrode housed in CPVC or something similar. Water is poured into the housing and wires from the car’s battery connected to the electrode. When the ignition is turned on, electricity flows through the water which the catalyst then reacts with. Oxygen and hydrogen gases then fizz away from the negative and positive terminals and regroup above the surface to form HHO (or Brown’s gas, or Klein’s gas).

The gas is then carried away to a bubbler which it passes through en route to the carburetor. The bubbler is handy to have in place because it avoids any stray moisture entering the engine. On arrival at the carburetor, the gas combines with gasoline or diesel from the tank and used for combustion. It burns approximately four times better than petroleum.

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Finding The Proper Rental Agencies For Your Rental Property

Most people think of real estate agents as people who sell them houses. This is not the only thing that agents do. Many real estate agents, especially those in areas where people like to go on vacation, do not only deal in buying and selling real estate, but also in rental properties. There are many people who have homes and condominiums in areas that are sought after by tourists. Instead of selling the homes that they are not using, many people are renting them out to vacationers.

Vacation rentals are more sought after by those on vacation than hotels. The reason for this is that vacation rentals afford more privacy for those who are staying in them. They also have conveniences like kitchens and laundry rooms that are not found in hotel rooms. Surprisingly, it is often less expensive to rent a vacation rental as opposed to a hotel room when someone is going on vacation. However, many people do not know how to find these rentals.

This is where real estate agents come in. These agents usually work in areas where there is a tourist trade and not only list homes for sale, but also for lease. They list condominiums as well as single family homes. Just like an agent can connect a person with the right home that they are looking for to buy, they can also help someone find the perfect property to rent when they are on vacation.

Real Estate Brokers

Real estate agents have many properties available. You should look for rental agents in the area where you plan to vacation in order to find the perfect property. Not only will the agent be able to help you find the perfect property for you, but they will also be knowledgeable about the area and can help you with questions that you may have with regard to your vacation.

It is not difficult to find rental properties when you are seeking to go on a trip if you know where to look. Rental property agents are real estate agents that not only help people with regards to buying and selling property, but also with leasing. By seeking out an agent in the area where you plan to vacation and seeing what they have available, you can find the perfect rental property for your trip. You can even do this online where the agent will be able to show you photos of the properties available for rent in the area you plan to vacation.

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Professional SEO Services La

If you are really serious about your web business and want your website to earn money in a very quick and effective manner, then the search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important stuff you need to think about.

SEO is a powerful technique via which you can get your website uplifted into the search engines results pages. As we all know that search now contributes to more than 90% of total web traffic and overrides the emailing, banner ads etc. hence it?s the only channel which can bring in targeted customers onto your website, thereby making your website a money making machine.

So if you website is optimized properly it has maximum chances of getting a good rank on search engines. But there is another thing which constitutes the integral part of search engine optimization and that is called link building.

Link building is a technique use to make quality backlink so as to leverage the website onto search. Almost all search engines algorithms are devised in such a manner that they are highly dependent on backlinks.

Hence the more and stronger the backlinks, the more is the probability of the website appearing on search engine result pages.
But there are certain practices that need to be followed while making links and so there should be ethical link building services you must seek as the black hat one can damage the website instead of boosting the ranks.

Search engines do like links but they do not like the links from sites that are spam and show the link trading look. So while devising the campaign it must be taken in minds that a proper link building guidelines must be taken care while devising such a campaign.
This is important as search engines want to keep their database free of spam sites because everybody wants to show the results which are genuine. So we do provide such a result oriented services in which you can get the best off page services at the most reasonable cost.
We are a professional link building company situated in India and currently deliver thousands of links on a monthly basis, serving almost all sorts of business verticals. We follow pure white hat techniques while making links and the project is continuously monitored for the ranking stats of the targeted keywords.

There is a lot of confusion in the web entrepreneurs as where should they seek for their SEO and off page services, the answer is simple. Try with a small campaign with us and look for results yourself.

Data Center Cables

DisplayPort cables were first developed in 2006 as a digital display interface standard lead by the Video Electronics Standards Association.

The technology was designed to be used primarily to connect a computer to a display monitor or other screen, such as a home cinema system, and to replace DVI and VGA cables by offering digital audio and video transfer in one cable.

The first DisplayPort cables, known as version 1, were approved in May 2006, followed by 1.1a in April 2007 and the latest version, 1.2, in December 2009.

Many newer consumer electronics devices feature DisplayPort connectivity, particularly laptops, although the technology has not yet replaced DVI and VGA. Mac, Dell, HP and Lenovo computers are leading the take-up of DisplayPort adoption.

How DisplayPort works

DisplayPort cables transmit digital signals between computers and screens. The technology is similar to HDMI as it streams both HD video and audio on the same cable with a maximum resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 and eight audio channels.

DisplayPort supports HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) so the cables can be used to playback protected HD content, and they can also be connected to an HDMI or DVI port with the relevant converter.

The benefits of DisplayPort cables and connectors

Although DisplayPort connectivity is not found on all computers and peripheral devices, the technology is still very desirable because of the high quality it offers in digital video and audio signal transmission.

DisplayPort cables can carry data at high bandwidths, making them ideal for high-end video and display equipment. Movies and photos can be viewed at 1080p and the cable can be secured to the computer for optimum connectivity.

Furthermore, multiple displays are supported with a single DisplayPort cable and the allocation of bandwidth between audio and video signals is changeable to suit requirements.

The future of DisplayPort

DisplayPort cables are set to become increasingly popular across the world as more consumer electronics firms implement the technology in their products.

A Mini DisplayPort interface was developed by Apple in 2008 and now features on many of its laptops. This links the Mac to an LED display with both video and audio support, reducing the need for extra cables. Mini DisplayPort is also capable of displaying the higher resolutions of the original DisplayPort technology.

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Male Enhancement

For a couple who decides to make physical contact with family, it is expected that the woman will become pregnant ‘with first. Given that about 1 in 5 cycles are fertile, it is likely that the woman will conceive on the third, fourth or even fifth try, because fertility is naturally a pair of 20% per cycle on average. Consequently not worry about your fertility after two or more “failed” efforts. But when we really ask yourself if something is wrong with you or your partner?

When a couple is infertile

When a couple fails to conceive after one year of systematic (1-2 times a week) and unprotected contact (without contraception or condom use), is infertile, according to the World Health Organization. The period of one year reduced to six months for a woman over 35 years.

However, even after a year the couple fails to conceive, it’s worth, if under 35 years-to try for another year. It proved that in two years 80-85% of couples have a child. If, however, after one or at most two years of efforts she has conceived, it must begin to investigate the causes of infertility.

Reason for infertility

As regards the reasons for male infertility, we see in this cause due to factors that affect or regulate the functioning of the testes causes, or cause arising from the operation of the testicles and causes testicular causes, related to the kidnapping of semen and ejaculation.

Diseases of the hypothalamus characterized by the absence of secretion of a factor that releases gonadotropins (Gonatotropin-Releasing Factor) and leads to failure of both gonadotropins, ie follicle stimulating hormone or FSH (Folicle Stimulating Hormone) and luteinizing or LH (Leuteneizing Hormone). This disorder identifies the syndrome, whose main characteristic is the delay of puberty, the anosmia, the cranial asymmetry and color blindness, and where hormonal determination demonstrates the low price testosterone and (hypogonadism).

How fertile are we?

H human fertility stands at 20% per cycle, while the figure for the baboon is 80% and 90% of rabbits. Certain theories attribute the low monthly rate of fertility in human fetal chromosomal abnormalities. Based on these theories, explained that because the 25% of arrests in physical contact resulting in miscarriages and also because 50-80% of embryos from IVF fail to implant in the uterus.

Male Fertility & Nutrition

Not eating a proper diet can have the following effects:

? It can impair hormone function, preventing sperm production, and produces abnormal sperm.
? There is no question that our diets have undergone dramatic changes over the last 100 years and these have affected male fertility rates and have seen a dramatic rise in male infertility.
? Before we look at our top supplements, here are some tips on a diet for increasing male fertility.
? Eat Natural: Eat “naturally from the earth” gets plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, poultry, legumes, nuts, of brown rice and seeds.
? Avoid junk food, processed foot and foods high in saturated fat.
? Water: Drink plenty of water at least 2 -3 liters a day to kataksei any toxins in the body.
? Pumpkin Seeds: Great food for male fertility, as they contain high levels of zinc and essential fatty acids that are vital to the healthy functioning of the male reproductive system.

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Jewish Art Oil Paintings

I have a custom made oil painting displayed in my living room. I gaze upon it each day. It’s a portrait of a woman during sunset and half turned.

Supply Chain Managment

RFID technology is facilitating a major innovation to supply chain management. From an article by John Lorinc in the December, 2006 edition of the Globe & Mail Report on Business Magazine, ?Every year, according to an expert cited by the Federal Trade Commission, American merchants lose as much as $300 billion (US) in revenues because they?ve lost track of goods somewhere on the journey between factory and store shelf.? Lost revenues are not the only concern in the supply chain, improving the productivity in transporting goods and securing the source of goods are also of concern to professionals managing the supply chain. RFID technology delivers solutions to all these needs.

Where does an organization start to realize the benefits of RFID? To answer this, an overview on the technology is a good start. The concept behind RFID is simple; an item (the product, or a pallet) has an RFID tag attached to it. The tag contains a small integrated circuit (IC) chip that contains a unique ID and an antenna that allows it to communicate to an RFID reader. When the tag is attached to the product or pallet and then ?read? by the RFID reader, that unique ID is then associated with the product or pallet through your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This unique ID stays for the remaining part of product?s journey from the factory, right through the consumer?s purchase at the retailer. The RFID readers are then placed at all key junction

GAO ? G2HE RFID for metal surface

GAO 5700 GEN 2 portable reader/writer

points in the supply chain. As the products or pallets pass through these readers, your ERP system is updated immediately on the flow of goods. This automation in the process reduces time spent with manual entry and the potential for human error of bill-of-lading details, provides real time updates on where goods are, makes more secure the integrity of your product shipments and helps you address bottlenecks in the system faster.

A Starting Point:
Therefore a good starting point to deploy RFID technology is at the pallet or carton/container level. Goods assembled in these vessels are then tracked in batches defined at the source. The benefits, here, are that fewer tags are needed, since a single tag is identified with a ?batch? of goods instead of the individual unit of product. Another benefit of tagging the pallets and containers is to continuously track the whereabouts of these vessels used to move the goods and this helps to cut down these assets being lost in the supply chain and needing to be replaced. Another reason to start an RFID solution at the container level is because many individual products pose challenges for RFID technology by the way they are packaged. Metal goods, goods that contain liquids and very small items pose a challenge to doing individual item tracking. RFID solutions are available here, but the cost goes up considerably. The direction of the technology is toward tracking all individual units of products. With advances in RFID technology, costs per tag will be driven lower and this will allow more RFID tagging of individual product units.

Open Standards:
The realization of the benefits of RFID technology is also very dependent on open standards in the industry. Open standards will allow manufacturers, distributors and retailer to use a common type of tag(s) and reader(s) while allowing this hardware to interact with their own ERP needs and deliver the efficiencies promised by RFID technology. EPCglobal Inc., the standards body that manages UPC (Universal Product Code) information in bar codes, sets the standards for how basic product information is encoded in the RFID chips. The standard set for supply chain management is referred to as ?GEN 2?. GEN 2 has brought significant advantages over the previous evolving standards of ?Class 0? and ?Gen 1? and these include:
(a) GEN 2 can write to tags multiple times,
(b) GEN 2 has longer read ranges,
(c) GEN 2 has greater data storage capacity and
(d) GEN 2 has more reliable and faster read rates.

GAO RFID Solutions for SCM:
For more information on how RFID technology can help your challenges in the supply chain, please contact us at sales@gaorfid.com or call us at (416) 292-0038, ext. 601.

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Jewish Art History

After the earthquake last January, Haiti has been in the news and at front of peoples minds. There was great human suffering, and many around the world came together to help the people of Haiti. From this we are reminded, as we so often are not in the daily news, that all people are basically good. But as the dust settles, we see more damage, damage to other things that already existed to remind us of the good in human nature, and one of those things is Haitian art.

The modern formal history of Haitian art is fairly short. It began in 1943, when DeWitt Peters moved to Haiti from America to teach English. Besides being and English teacher, he had a passion for painting, particularly watercolors, and was surprised that there was no place for art exhibits or any art galleries to be found. Seeing the poverty of the people and the lack of opportunity, he had a vision to offer a place where talented, local Haitians could further develop these natural talents while at the same time provide a respectable alternative way to make a living besides manual labor.

It only took a year for him to start bringing his dream to fruition. He convinced the Haitian government to donate a local building to his cause and he opened Le Center d’Art in Port-au-Prince, which served as both an art school and an art gallery. It did not take much searching to find local talent, who are well known in the Haitian art community today. Particularly, Peters focused on local primitive art, in which he saw huge potential. Talented artists, or potential artists, arose from everywhere: Voodoo priests, taxi drivers, factory workers, and even the art school’s yard boy.

After only three years, in 1947, it was time take the art to the world, and this was done in a large way (literally) by painting murals on the side of buildings. These murals attracted world wide attention, and slowly the demand for Haitian art began to grow. Many early Haitian painters have become internationally known because of the attention these murals attracted.

Jewish & Israeli Art

So what characterizes Haitian art? When I think of Haitian art, the first thing that comes to mind are vibrant colors. Much of it is considered primitive art, and the themes of social activities, the market, and country life is the focus of many artists. Like any form of art, there are various schools of painting. Some focus on daily life in the city, others more on the country side and the coastal towns, another is characterized by abstract human forms. Many artists are also heavily influenced by religion and lifestyle, primarily Catholicism, the religion brought by the European; and Voodoo, the religion of the indigenous people.

Besides paintings, there is sculptural art as well. Some of this art is seen in paper mache bowls and figures. Continuing in the spirt of Peters is the Art Creation Foundation for Children, which both educates and teaches children of Haiti artistic skills, something they can do to help support their family, both now and after they grow up. Their art work is bright and cheerful, and through them we see the continuation of the Haitian art tradition.

Jewish Art